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Sanitation Squad

Hanatarou doujinshi scanlations / raws

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Hanatarou-centric Bleach doujinshi scanlation circle dedicated to spreading the wuv
-What is Sanitation Squad?

Sanitation Squad is a sort of scanlation circle providing both raw and translated doujinshi to the masses. ... Specifically, providing both raw and translated Bleach doujinshi featuring Hanatarou to the masses.

-Why just Hanatarou?

Because he's the best ♥ ♥ ♥
And because he doesn't get enough love! :(

-Are there any guidelines for downloading or sharing these doujinshi?

Not really, no. We're posting them here because we want other people to be able to read and enjoy lovely, lovely Hanatarou-flavored goodness, after all. Feel free to share the links as much as you like; no need to ask permission or jump through any hoops. Mentioning where they came from and maybe pointing seekers in our direction is greatly appreciated, however! :>

-Is it really okay for you to be sharing all these artists' doujinshi like this?

Well, that's kind of a grey area, isn't it?? Most (if not all) of the doujinshi featured here are already out of print and pretty hard to find, so even if you wanted to buy them directly from the authors, you'd be out of luck. Since that's the case, ... we can't say we feel guilty about sharing them, no. That said, if one of the original artists ever contacted us asking that we not share their work, of course we'd immediately stop doing so. And what's more, although they are hard to find, if you ever do get a chance to purchase one of these books, we greatly encourage you to do so!!

-How can I support Sanitation Squad?

If you have any Hanatarou doujinshi, scan it and send it our way! :D If you know where to get some Hanatarou doujinshi, let us know! (If you have doujinshi but can't scan it, please get in touch with us anyway, and we'll see if we can't work something out. We're very trustworthy, you know.)

If your Japanese is very good and you too feel the need to translate burning inside you, go for it! Comment anywhere or e-mail us and together we'll make it happen. GO TEAM.

-Who the hell is Ogidou?

Ogidou Harunobu is the 8th seat officer of the Gotei 13's 4th company (one seat below Hanatarou!), as well as the assistant leader of the Advanced Paramedic Unit's Squad 1. He's only been mentioned once in the anime, but has appeared a few different times in the manga. His personality is both laid-back and slightly twisted, he enjoys teasing his superiors, and he's quite popular among female shinigami. He tends to show up in these doujinshi a lot because he's fairly good-looking and easy to pair with Hanatarou. *shrug!*

-Do you take requests?
We will translate anything that has Hanatarou in it, even if he isn't the main focus of the story!
If there's no Hanatarou, drop us a line (sanitation.squad @ gmail.com) and we'll talk; we like a lot of other characters, too, so it's entirely possible we'll do it anyway. (In fact, even if the thing you want translated isn't Bleach-related at all, we might do it, so don't be afraid to ask.)

BE AWARE, however, that our translations are NOT done by a native speaker. We'll always do our very best, but there's a pretty good chance it won't be 100% perfect. (They should nearly always fit into the designation of "Good Enough," though! :D )

-Why "Sanitation Squad"?

Why not Sanitation Squad?

-Where do you get your doujinshi?

Nearly all of our doujinshi have been acquired with the tried-and-true method of trolling eBay and Yahoo! Japan auctions (with the rinkya proxy service). If you'd like to own your very own copy of any of these books, those are probably your best bet, too. (And if you've got some other hookup, then let us in on it too, won't you? :'> )

-How do you decide which of the raw doujinshi you'll translate next?

Random whim. We don't generally have much of a preference, so if there's one you desperately want to be able to read in English, just comment, and we'll get right on it. :D

-I have another question! Or possibly something to say!

Leave a comment on any entry or send us an e-mail!

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